Carlos Basabe Illustration
Illustrator in Washington, DC






Tag is a short comic about a forest haunted by the victims of a serial killers. The kids spend their eternal childhoods playing an unending game of tag. The game is interrupted by the arrival of a new child. 

The story was inspired by a childhood experience. While playing tag in an abandoned building, my friends and I found a human skull. Weirdly, it was an experience I forgot about until many years later. 


El Morro and George


El Morro and George is a short story about my lifelong love for monuments and history. I found inspiration in the parallels between the city I was born in, and the one in which I currently reside. Both are filled with evidence of their long, complicated histories. 

It was designed for and published on Instagram, shortly the rollout of the multi-image posts. The feature seemed like a natural platform for short comics, and I decided to experiment with a simple tale.